DXRacer 2021 P Series : Affordable and Comfortable

For those who don’t want to spend much on a high-end racing chair but still look for a quality gaming throne to support your gaming posture, the DXRacer 2021 P Series would be the best choice.

It boasts a variety of ergonomic features such as adjustable arms, 135°reclining, high-density foam padding, as well as an extra headrest and lumbar pillows to basically meet your gaming demands while providing good support.

Built with durable leather preferred by racing seats together with color combination design and detail stitching, the P Series can perfectly match your setup’s style and help you dominate in the gaming world.

With adjustable neck and lumbar pillows that give you the extra padding you need for any position, you’ll find the true ergonomic comfort and support designed for the important areas of your body.

With a 135° ideal reclining seatback, it’s easy to adjust the angle of your sitting position throughout your gaming sessions. The chair's tilt tension is easily adaptable to your body weight, allowing you to lean back with ease and comfort.

PU coating casters are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris. They are edgy, quiet, and impeccably smooth, providing the mobility you need for every action.