Summer Games Done Quick 2022 raises $3 million for Charity

DXRacer was proud to be a part of our first Summer Games Done Quick event this year as the official chair sponsor. The Games Done Quick (GDQ) staff and crew put on a fantastic event, while runners amazed us with their speed and skills. It was all for a good cause, as the GDQ community raised over three million dollars for Doctors Without Borders.

The event featured so many great moments and created memories for years to come. Summer Games Done Quick 2022 was the first GDQ event in person in a couple of years. Being back in person meant it was the perfect time for us to team up with GDQ. While showcasing their games, runners sat in our new Craft Series. Making sure runners were in comfort no matter how fast their run was. We were thrilled to be up on the stage in our own way! The event kicked off with an amazing Shadow of the Colossus speed run by RUBIEHART, which included an outstanding musical performance after the run was complete. The horror blocks this year was also an absolute spooky highlight, and we learned that playing through horror games fast makes them a little less scary. We also loved seeing our DXRacer chairs featured by world-renowned prize presenter Sent, and his beautiful chair train. Our absolute favorite moment though was watching the final push at the end of the marathon. Late on Saturday night, the audience quickly raised almost $100k to extend GDQ to one last run. There was so much hype, along with knowing all the donations were going to a wonderful cause. To see the photos from the event and all the runs' head to We look forward to so many greater GDQ events in the future, as well as the launch of the Games Done Quick co-branded Craft Series chair. The Craft Series allows people to tell their stories through exquisite embroidery, and we’re honored to craft that with Games Done Quick.