Soft VS Firm Chair: Which Is Better?

Customers have long held the stereotype that the more comfortable a chair is, the softer it is. This is actually an incorrect point of view. Too much soft foam can make it hard for users to sit in healthy ways.

Why Is Too Soft Seat Unhealthy for You?

Comfortably sitting on a soft chair is just temporary. When you sit on seats that are too soft, your muscles must tighten to support your body, which can lead to pain and discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders. This makes it harder for the body to rest and relax. Not only do too soft seats fail to adequately support the back and the neck curvature of the body, but they also decrease blood circulation and blood flow. As the hour's pass, you will start to feel the aches and pains that have been building up.

A C-shaped rather than a regular S-shaped curve of the waist is the result of poor sitting posture, which is exacerbated by a chair that is too soft and can lead to health problems including hunchback and herniated discs. In order to minimize back pain and develop a healthy sitting position in the long run, a firm chair is, therefore,  more healthy than a soft chair over the long term.

However, we are aware that the experience of comfort can be highly individual. If you are used to sitting on chairs that are soft and offer limited support, it may take some time for you to adapt to a chair that provides sufficient support. However, once you do get used to the chair and develop proper posture, you will feel significantly better. In the long run, your back will be grateful if you take care of it.

The high-resilience foam is too soft and lacks the necessary resilience to offer effective support. As a result, the distance between the sit bones and the knees is not maintained at a comfortable level. Sturdy, slow-rebound and supportive foam can better maintain your sitting position in accordance with scientific principles than soft, high-rebound foam.

Foam from DXRacer

DXRacer has achieved a fully automated production line as a result of its adherence to the standards of raw material formulation ratio and foam hardness for vehicle seats over a couple of years.

We mix materials A and B in the industrial mixer, and once they are well mixed, the robotic arm will automatically put the resulting mixture into the mold. It is then heated and shaped in a mold under precise timing instructions. Take the foam out and allow it to be compressed. Prior to being packaged, the foam goes through a chemical process and should be allowed to rest for three days.

DXRacer cold-cure foam is a medium-firm foam that provides the perfect balance of softness and firmness to fulfill the comfort needs of the great majority of our users without sacrificing comfort. In addition, as time passes, it will feel better and become more supportive, which will make it an ideal fit for your body.

Even after years of usage, DXRacer cold-cured foam maintains its shape and stiffness, and your back and shoulders will be perfectly supported. As soon as you sit on the DXRacer chair, you will know how healthy and comfy it is. Now is the time to discover DXRacer gaming chairs.