World’s 1st Gaming Chair—Inspired by Racing, Built for Gaming
Invention of the 1st Gaming Chair

In 1973

By observing astronauts aboard the Skylab Space Station, NASA scientists discovered that these astronauts always rested with neutral body postures. Scientists have found that these positions significantly alleviate pressure on the spine.

In 1994

Neutral posture technology was applied to the design of office chairs. The first ergonomic office chair was built based on three fundamental ergonomic principles that include lumbar supported recline, adjustable armrest, and seated movement.

In 2001

DXRacer began manufacturing luxury vehicle seats.

In 2006

Inspired by NASA's neutral posture technology, DXRacer added wheels to automobile seats. DXRacer launched the world's first gaming chair in 2006. This became the blueprint and standard for all subsequent gaming chairs. The inspiration and curiosity of Tim Wu, DXRacer CEO made a revolutionary idea a reality. The ergonomic and comfortable gaming chairs made the dreams of many gamers come true. Thus came the golden age of racing-inspired gaming chairs.

Blueprint for the 1st Gaming Chair

DXRacer's blueprint for the first chair remains the benchmark for modern gaming chair design. The arms are supported by a high backrest with curved edges. Head and lumbar cushions that are removable ensure optimal spinal alignment. Casters are attached to an adjustable-height base. Adjustable armrests and a reclining backrest allow the user to change positions without having to stand up. The gaming chair is quite popular because it allows users to work more and play longer while sitting more comfortably.

Never Forget Why We Started

In 2001, DXRacer was founded as a manufacturer of automobile seats. The gaming chair traces back to 2006, when the DXRacer factory built and launched its product on the global market for the first time. The senior racing car seat producer and Java developer who designed the DXRacer gaming chair spent three years developing and transforming the racing car seat into the most comfortable gaming chair. Years of invention and investment in research and development have yielded a diversified product line that includes a variety of ergonomic gaming and office chairs with a racing-inspired design.

Our core values are quality and design, and we strive to develop in these areas continuously. We take pride in using only high-quality materials and adhering to stringent standards for all of our products in order to provide users with more comfortable and healthier gaming and working experience.