The DXRacer G-Series. Revolutionize Your Gaming Chair.

Whitmore Lake, Michigan – February 10, 2021.  The DXRacer G-Series

As the most trusted and first brand to produce high-quality gaming chairs, DXRacer continues to revolutionize the industry. First, it was the DXRacer Master, the first modular gaming chair. Now we have implemented the modular design in the DXRacer G-Series.  

All-in engineering has allowed us to turn gaming chairs into your future all-in-one workspace. The G-Series not only features industry-leading quality but enables users to add accessories to help provide a top experience in comfort, quality, longevity, and accessibility as users can customize their accessories or parts to their preference.  

  • Modular Support is a key feature of the DXRacer G-Series. We are embracing gamers and allowing them to customize their experience. The cup holder, footrest, multifunctional bracket, and removable mesh cushion are compatible with the G-Series.  

  • Top of the industry craftsmanship and premium PVC leather allow for smooth and soft comfort while the material still is breathable and durable.  

  • 4D adjustable armrest gives users an extensive range of motion to adjust their armrest position to maximize enjoyment and performance.  

  • The multi-function tilt mechanism allows users to choose their perfect rocking angle and how high and low they sit—giving users their personal best seating position.  

  • The G-Series can recline up to 135 degrees allowing users to relax or nap after a long gaming or work session.  

  • Anti-Scratch PU Casters allow gamers to have a quiet and smooth experience while not having to worry about any scuffs or marks on their floor.  

Revolutionize your gaming chair. The DXRacer G Series:

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